Social Media Strategy?

socialmediaDoes your family have a social media strategy? The older my kids get the more I wonder about this. In a world of predators and online connection, how far are you willing to go to protect your family information and experiences, as well as your kids from exposure to the public?

This question has been on my mind for the last few months. In a world where information sharing seems expected and warranted, I am beginning to wonder what that looks like for my family and for myself personally.

I don’t know that I have all the answers, probably just a lot more questions the more that I think about this topic, but this week I decided I want to change the way I post and share the ebb and flow of my family life.

Please don’t be offended, but I need to start somewhere and implement a strategy of some sort. In order to do so I must scale back on my social media followers lists. I have made the decision to set all my accounts to “private” and I will be deleting/blocking people from Facebook & Instagram whom I don’t have a personal relationship with from seeing my family accounts.

I will be taking a few other steps:

  1. I will be deleting my Twitter account as I have rarely used it in the last few years.
  2. I have set-up a public Instagram account (@lvtrailrunner) for those who like to follow my running adventures.
  3. This website will continue to be public and hopefully the information I share here will be more consistent and more informative.

This move is about real life relationships and connections. I want to be more intentional about the relationships I have with people online. I apologize if I block, unfriend, or unfollow you. Please understand I don’t think you are predator or that you are a bad person, just that I am trying to set some new guidelines in place.

Thoughts? Do you have a personal or family social media strategy in place? I would love to hear your ideas.

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