User Guides are the first port of call when something needs to be read. Professional manual Use this template to create a user's manual or employee handbook. Home / Technical Documentation Templates (MS Word/Excel/Visio) Technical Documentation Templates (MS Word/Excel/Visio) Use these 15 Technical Writing templates ( 233 pages MS Word ) to write technical documents faster, save time on formatting, provide a consistent standard across your publications, and ensure that your company delivers professionally looking documents to your … Here are some suggestions. It only includes the body, not front and back matter. Technical writing focuses on user tasks and the concepts that support the tasks.

A user manual is a formal writing piece with a specific structure, and should be written by someone who is intimately familiar with the product such as a technical writer or the product designer.
To be able to create clear and helpful user manuals, technical writers need to study the subject with great attention to details. A user guideis essentially a book-length document containing instructions on installing, using, or troubleshooting a hardware or software product.
Users searching for information don’t want to know about the latest and greatest features of a product.

Include them with your products to help your customers learn more about them. This is why we give the book compilations in this website. Writing an effective user manual requires knowing who is going to be using the product, then writing it with these users in mind. TechProse is a technical writing, training, and information technology consulting company in business since 1982. How to design individual pages in the user manual. Great end user documentation consists of titles that are specific, and often in the form of performing a task. Getting to know the world of technical writing.

This not only makes it easier for your end users to find what they are looking for, but it helps you write better articles. Writing a user manual starts with some preparation.

Editors Note: This User Guide Template is one in a series of templates to help readers plan and manage communications and content management activities, resources and deliverables. Ensure that font size is adequate (use at least 12 point font).

Before you start making a user manual template for your product, you need to know which one to use. Some templates are fairly simple while others are very detailed. ‘Technical manual’ is a term for any manual with a technical character. Types of instruction manual templates. We will look at an example of a technical user manual. As many people read user guides when frustrated and after having lost patience with the software, you need to write your material to address their concerns quickly.

This all boils down to the question: what is a technical manual?

User Guides are often written for non-technical …

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