This parallels what is going on in Andy’s room now that Buzz Lightyear is the new favored toy; it is strange to Woody. A western-themed poster in Andy's room is replaced by two Buzz Lightyear posters, and drawings of Woody on the bulletin board are covered with drawings of Buzz.

There were some Buzz Lightyear pictures up on the walls, replacing some of the Woody and Braedimus Prime pictures, along with the bed covers. Take this quiz and find out:M J) At bedtime, Andy loads his toys into the toybox until just Woody and Buzz are left. 12 Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial that has come upon you, as though something strange were happening to you.

Singer: Strange things are happening to me Woody shoves Slinky's rear end off the bed, leaving his front end no choice but to eventually follow. Are you a big enough Toy Story fan to decipher if these moments are in the right order? When I first woke up I was convinced I was on a mission to an uncharted planet and thought all the other toys here were strange locals." Andy Griffith and his second banana Don Knotts came off as shy country bumpkins on their hit sitcom set in fictional Mayberry, North Carolina. 20:00 Buzz Lightyear!
Song: Strange things In the montage that follows (soundtrack: Randy Newman's "Strange Things Are Happening to Me"), Andy has Buzz shoot Woody, then puts on a cardboard replica of Buzz's helmet and wings. If anyone serves, he should serve with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom be the glory and the power forever and ever. 20 Irresistibly Weird Products To Buy On Amazon.

[Reluctance to change] 19:30 Strange things are happening. Strange things are happening to me Strange things Strange things are happening to me Ain't no doubt about it Amen. (YTP) Strange Things Are Happening With Andy's Toys: Part Twice (Hellion Hero) REACTION!!! But they used their squeaky-clean act to fool America and mask their twisted real lives!
Jessie shuddered. Andy’s new favorite. 19:00 They’ll see, I’m still Andy’s favourite.

The sound (in this case, the song) informs the mood of the scene by implying that although the scene is happy, strange things are happening to Woody and he is both jealous and sad.

Also, things began to change around the room. Things were just the way they should be When from out of the sky like a bomb Comes some little punk in a rocket Now all of a sudden Some strange things are happening to me Andy: Buzz Lightyear to the rescue. "Nigga why you playin' with toys, this some kiddy shit," Tyrone observed.

These Toy Story frames got all scrambled up!

Strange things are happening!

They were chilling in Andy's room, and Andy had been about to show Tyrone his Woody doll's pull-string function, but embarrassedly set it back down on his desk instead. ... the Potato Heads and I once belonged to a boy named Andy, while Jessie and Bullseye came to Andy's from a toy collector." 20:30 Andy: “I’m still Andy’s favorite toy.” (BBT) - Duration: 8 minutes, 31 seconds. A life-sized Abominable Snowman statue, live cockroaches, Nicolas Cage pillowcases, and 18 other things that actually exist.

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