EGFR is a normal molecule found on both healthy cells and lung cancer cells. Lung cancer, and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) in …

In lung cancer patients, this prevents lung tumors from growing and spreading and can turn a late-stage lung cancer into something slightly more manageable. Cimavax works by spurring a patient’s body to release antibodies against epidermal growth factor, which signals tumor growth. Cimavax fights cancer by stimulating an immune response against a protein in the blood that triggers the growth of lung cancer. It's … The Cuban-developed immunotherapy CIMAvax-EGF in combination with nivolumab appeared safe for patients with advanced non-small cell lung …

To be fair, Cimavax probably won't be a game-changing cancer drug in its current form. CIMAvax is a lung cancer vaccine devised and developed by researchers in Cuba.

It is a type of immunotherapy that harnesses the body’s immune system to fight lung cancer. CIMAvax Vaccine, Nivolumab, and Pembrolizumab in Treating Patients With Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer or Squamous Head and Neck Cancer. The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. Research into treatment for lung cancer.

Alzheimer’s vaccine trial a success.

Image caption Ms Gahan's son researched the clinics before she went for eight rounds of treatment in Germany .

Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U.S. Federal Government.

CimaVax produces an antibody that latches onto EGF, a naturally occurring growth factor.

It works in a novel way compared to other cancer immunotherapies developed elsewhere in the world and it …

Go to Cancer Research UK’s clinical trials database if you are looking for a trial for lung cancer in the UK. Instead, CIMAvax triggers the immune system to produce antibodies that target and sequester EGF, or epidermal growth factor. Researchers around the world are looking at making better and kinder treatments for lung cancer. CIMAvax is a vaccine against a molecule called EGFR, Gomez says. CIMAvax is the product of Cuba's surging biotech industry, which was born from the ashes of the Cuban revolution. Once it’s nabbed these molecules, it whisks them off to the liver, where they’re eliminated before cancer cells can use them. In 2017, Roswell Park initiated a clinical trial involving CIMAvax. That prompted Japan and some European countries to initiate Cimavax clinical trials as well. CIMAvax-EGF is a lung cancer treatment that was developed in Cuba.

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