However, current policy and ethical guidelines for AI technology are lagging behind the progress AI has made in the health care field. Although there was a human operator behind the wheel, an autonomous system—artificial intelligence—was in full control. In this article we provide practical case studies … By situating ethical considerations in terms of real-world scenarios, case studies … While some efforts to engage in these ethical conversations have emerged, 9-11 the medical community remains ill informed of the ethical … In fact, this is further developed in 2018 when the EU Commission adopts the Communication on Artificial Intelligence. The development of artificial intelligence (AI) systems and their deployment in society gives rise to ethical dilemmas and hard questions.

Some case studies may be imagined, some are real.

As instructors we want to develop curriculum that not only prepares students to be artificial intelligence practitioners, but also to understand the moral, ethical, and philosophical impacts that artificial intelligence will have on society. The topic of real versus imagined scenarios is one that merits consideration in its own right, not just for ethics in general, but for AI in particular. The report suggests the creation of a stricter ethical and legal framework based on the principles of autonomy, human dignity, and non-discrimination. This incident, like others involving interactions between people and AI technologies, raises a host of ethical … Princeton Dialogues on AI and Ethics Case Studies.

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